Deadline: Fri, Jan 7th at 11:59 PM EDT.

Please RANK who, in your opinion, are the top 25 characters in this game. This will be an ordered list. #1 should be who you feel is the best overall, #2 is second best overall, on down to #25.

Please note- this is ALL AROUND game usability. Please consider conquest, raids, TB, arena, etc when ordering your list. This is also not characters you necessarily have. We should be looking at the game as a whole. If there are prominent characters you do not feel you know well enough to rank, please educate yourself before voting by watching footage of the character on YouTube.

Note on ships:

Characters may receive a boost in rank based on the fact that they have a very solid ship. However, we should NOT be penalizing characters for the sole fact that they do not have a ship. Please rank characters based on all around usefulness where they can currently be used.

Thank you!